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Once You're Awarded a Grant...

  • Congratulations on winning an Innovative Teaching Grant from the LEISD Education Foundation. Below is important information about accessing the funds, adhering to timelines, and funds-use guidelines. 

    1. This year you will work with your campus Administrative Assistant when purchasing supplies with grant funds. The funds are being placed in a 817 account so they are accessible in the Ascender system. The flow will go from your campus directly to the Business Office for processing. The paperwork does not need to be sent to Cecelia Jones for approval.
    2. You must spend only the amount you were awarded with no overage. This is important because the exact amount of each campus grant has been placed in the account. If you spend less than your amount, it can't be used to compensate for another grant winner who goes over. Any leftover funds are returned to the Foundation for use in subsequent grants.
    3. You can begin sending PO requests to your campus Admin Assistant after January 6th. Be sure to use District-approved vendors.  We ask that the funds be spent quickly so that the supplies can be used by students right away.  Please place all orders by February 15. 
    4. If a team was awarded a grant, it is best to have one lead person so that your campus can more easily account for the spending. Please work together if this is the case.
    5. The Foundation asks that all winners send several pictures of students using the supplies or participating in the programs funded by the grants. Please send photos or videos to